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If wiry, unpretty, and hard-assed real men are your thing, you’re not gonna be able to get enough of Mike Tucker. He’s the guy who’d repo your car after just missing just one payment – you only wish you could accompany him back to the lot, with him sitting firmly on your face (as punishment) the whole time. And speaking of hard-assed, that’s one supple, firm posterior: why is it that tough guys like Mike always have such bea-you-ti-full booties? We don’t know: it’s just the universal reality.

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Deven Dexx Flex And Cum

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Devon contacted me a few weeks ago saying he was a big fan of my website. Though he is straight, he found the concept very cool.He sent me a few pics, asking me if he could come to an audition. I answered: ‘Hell no! You don’t need to audition buddy, I’m booking you right away!’It is quite rare you find this type of guy with huge muscles, a flat stomach and a gorgeous model face. In addition, he is very open-minded and willing to experiment with a mask on. So remember his name, Devon Dexx, ’cause you’ll see more of him on

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